Argentum 47 Inc. is our US holding company. We operate 100% of our business through our non-US subsidiaries in different spheres of the financial services world. The Company´s network spans the entire globe and consists of a variety of different institutions based on the transaction at hand, from local, micro funds dealing in hundreds of thousands of dollars to Middle East family and Investment Bank money with minimum tickets of $50 million upwards.

With a diversified portfolio of companies already part of operating subsidiaries, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of investment opportunities at all levels and have been working with companies led by outstanding and seasoned management teams in a much wider range of industries than most traditional Venture Capital, Private Equity and Merchant Banking firms.

We aim to provide our clients with all the support required to move business forward to a successful level of achievement that surpasses the ambition of the principals.

At Argentum 47, we’re not just consultants and advisors. All of our principals have been the founders, executives and owners of numerous companies and have subsequently taken their companies public or guided them through successful mergers or acquisitions. We understand the entire scope of value added venture investing from startup and all the way through to IPO because we have historically sat on both sides of the table.

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