Enzo Taddei and Patrick Dolan meet with Hoqool Petroleum in The Kingdom of Bahrain, May 1,2017

Management visit NASDAQ invited by Mr. Jay Heller (Head of IPO Execution Team), March 31, 2017

BNR meeting in GEP's offices in Dubai - March 8, 2017

Kingsman James Team - March 7, 2017

Mepex Forum and MEOS 2017 Conference - March 6, 2017

Our Dubai office - September 27, 2016

Management in New York November 16th - 20th 2015

Hoqool Breakfast Dubai 26th November 2015

Hoqool hosted a breakfast meeting alongside their key partners and the Dubai Scout Group Meeting. In attendance were part of Hoqool´s management team, Peter Smith (CEO - GEQU), John Energy Well Services and Katch Kan a company that provides environmental solutions on drilling rigs.

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